Translating PhD research information

Customer: Ceri Morgans, PhD student

Translation of information and consent forms for PhD research participants

Gwenlli was a pleasure to work with. As a PhD student I needed to share information with potential research participants that included some complex technical and legal language. Gwenlli returned these to me ahead of the agreed deadline, and kept it in the original format meaning I was able to use it immediately. She was friendly, helpful and professional, making the whole process stress free. I would not hesitate to recommend Amnis and won't go anywhere else for translation needs in future. Many thanks!

Translating challenging text on difficult histories

Customer: Dr Marian Gwyn, historian

Translation of a variety of texts and documents on difficult histories

Customer website

I have used Amnis Translation for many years now and cannot praise their work highly enough. As a historian specialising in the much-contested history of slavery and empire, it is important that any translation of specialist terms is accurate and captures critical nuances, and Amnis delivers every time. They respond quickly and always to schedule – a pleasure to work with.

Translation and proof reading for Diverse Cymru

Customer: Diverse Cymru

Diverse Cymru is a longstanding customer of Amnis Translation, and the breadth of professional experience and knowledge of Equality and Diversity that Amnis has to offer means the charity can be confident in that their Welsh language output is culturally appropriate, correct and uses the most up-to-date preferred terminology.

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Gwenlli always responds promptly, with exceptional translation skills and brilliant service.

Joe Stockley, Communications Officer, Diverse Cymru, 2020

Translation of website content and marketing materials

Customer: Platfform

Platfform is the new name for Gofal, the charity for mental health and social change.
They work with people who are experiencing challenges with their mental health, and with communities who want to create a greater sense of connection, ownership and wellbeing in the places that they live.

Customer website

We used Amnis Translation to translate all of our website content following our rebrand from Gofal to Platfform. During an exceptionally busy time Gwenlli at Amnis was able to turn around all of our content promptly, respond to urgent requests and helped us manage the process of translating an entirely new website and marketing materials in time for our launch.

Platfform now works regularly with Amnis. The service has been outstanding – always reliable, professional and understanding. I couldn’t recommend Amnis enough!

Natasha Withey, Media and Campaigns Officer, Platfform, 2019

Sustrans Annual Review translation

Customer: Sustrans

Sustrans, the sustainable transport charity that works across the UK, is committed to providing its materials bilingually in Wales. Amnis Translation provided a Welsh translation of the English text for the charity’s annual review.
The required register, vocabulary and tone for this work varied from one section to the next, including quotes from children and members of local communities, notes from the Chair and Chief Executive, and reports on ambitious national initiatives.
The translation was provided in an agreed format making it easy for the designers in the organisation’s national offices in England to identify the correct sections of Welsh text.

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Thank you! I always know I’m going to get fast, responsive and clear communication, day-brightening emails and incisive translation with fabulous attention to detail and thoughtful consideration.
Graham Read
Senior Designer, Brand and Marketing, Sustrans, 2020

Translation and proof reading for Mantell Gwynedd

Customer: Mantell Gwynedd

Mantell Gwynedd is the county voluntary council for Gwynedd. The organisation supports voluntary and community groups, to encourage individuals to volunteer and to be a strong voice for the third sector in Gwynedd.

Amnis Translation regularly provides services to the organisation.

Customer website

"Mantell Gwynedd has been working with Amnis Translation for a number of years. The translation work provided from English to Welsh and from Welsh to English is always excellent. Sometimes, the work involves translating complex and unique reports (such as reports on measuring social value) but Amnis always succeeds in getting the right tone for the message and achieves a clear and intelligible translation. This is vital to us.
For some time now, Amnis has been responsible for ensuring accuracy and consistency of language in our Annual Report, Newsletters and marketing materials, as well as other reports.
The company always respects firm deadlines and works closely with us, the customer.
An effective, accurate and courteous service – and always friendly! It would be very hard to beat the service offered by Amnis on any level."

Bethan Russell Williams, Mantell Gwynedd Chief Officer, 2019